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Novarossi Rex Paloma 21 Off Road 7 Port Engine Extra Long Stroke (Steel Bearings)

Novarossi Rex Paloma 21 Off Road 7 Port Engine Extra Long Stroke (Steel Bearings)

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Part Number:REXPALOMA21
The material of this piston is choosen for its excellent strength to weight properties. The shape of the top of the piston is our 'Compact Combustion Tecnology' which improves the efficiency of the engine. This piston is also milled from a single block which further increases the strength.

The sleeve has 7 transfer ports and an exhaust with booster ports. The special shape and positioning of the ports, covered by a patent, improve the internal fluid-dynamics to obtain the maximum possible performance.

The crankshaft is grinded to increase the mixture flow and has a special shape to reduce turbulences inside the crankcase. The balancing is done by one inserts made of tungsten alloy and the inlet has a silicon filling to reduce the weight of the crankshaft to improve acceleration. The ball bearing was lowered to 5mm.

Combustion chamber:
The combustion chamber is supported by an O-Ring which is placed between the combustion chamber and the crankcase to reduce the vibrations of the combustion chamber.


The R7 conrod is made from a superlight alluminium which has been checked ultrasonic. The specific form of the R7 creates little turbulence inside the engine while running.

The glowplug of engine is a Turbo type glowplug. Turbo glowplugs have a different shape than Standard glowplugs and therefor are not interchange able with engines that are using Standard glowplugs.

  • Displacement: 3,49 cc
  • R.P.M. (max power): 35.800 RPM
  • Practical range: 6.000-40.700 R.P.M.
  • Bore x stroke: 15,88x17,60 mm
  • Sleeve: 7 ports
  • Rear ball bearings: steel
  • Fronto ball bearings: steel
  • Crankshaft: 14,5 mm - turbo
  • Carburetor: aluminium - 9 mm - slide
  • Glowplug: Turbo (C6TGC)
  • Exhaust position: rear
  • Weight: 363 g
  • Fuel type: 25% nitro

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