Spaz Stix Amethyst Purple Pearl Aerosol Paint (3.5oz)

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Spaz Stix Amethyst Purple Pearl Aerosol Paint (3.5oz)
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Spaz Stix Pearl paint provides an amazingly deep finish with it's high pearl content. This unique product sprays on transparent, then when backed with black paint, turns into a beautiful dark purple, giving your R/C body a very "high-end" look!

*IMPORTANT: When sprayed, this color is very translucent (see through), and it will appear that no color is being applied. Please be sure to apply a few light, even coats and let dry before applying the backer. Backer MUST be BLACK ONLY! If another color is applied as a backer, the pearl color will not be visible, and your backer will be discolored.

All Spaz Stix paints are formulated for use on polycarbonate material. Specifically, clear bodies for R/C cars and trucks. Be sure to test compatibility when using on other surfaces. If using for on an "external" application, apply the backer as a base coat, rather than after the Pearl paint. You will also need to apply a quality clear coat (SZX90109) to achieve a high lustre.

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