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Xray 2019 NT1.2 1/10 Luxury Nitro Touring Car Kit

Xray 2019 NT1.2 1/10 Luxury Nitro Touring Car Kit

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The NT1 is synonymous with the absolute perfection that is XRAY: a platform that has been capturing trophies at tracks all around the world, and also capturing the hearts and minds of customers who demand nothing less than excellence.

Since the first release of the NT1 back in 2007, it has enjoyed some of the greatest successes around the world, and been one of the most popular nitro touring cars around. The success of the NT1 has been the result of ongoing development and improvement based on feedback from Team XRAY and customers worldwide.

All New Features:
  • All-new chassis integrates with the new rear bulkheads, rear arms mounts, and front brace for a wide range of flex adjustments to tune for any traction level
  • All-new rear bulkheads with flex adjustment for quick set up changes for various traction conditions
  • All-new steel spacers connect the chassis to the rear bulkheads for high traction to increase steering and rotation
  • Rear suspension now includes arm mounts with square adjustment bushings for the lower hinge pins that expand the range of adjustment for rear arm geometry
  • Front and rear bulkheads redesigned to work with new composite anti-roll bar bushings to extend the life of the bulkheads and eliminate unwanted play
  • All-new anti-roll bar adaptors with less play
  • All-new front anti-roll bar system redesigned for easier adjustment
  • All-new front and rear anti-roll bar wires
  • All-new front brace mounts directly to the chassis plate

Class: 1/10 nitro touring car 
Length w/o body: 381mm 
Chassis length: 341mm 
adjustable 197~200mm 
Ready-to-run weight: 

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