AKA Racing 1/8 Buggy Grooved Foam Insert (Soft) (4)
AKA Racing 1/8 Buggy Grooved Foam Insert (Soft) (4)

AKA Racing 1/8 Buggy Grooved Foam Insert (Soft) (4)

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This is a set of four AKA Racing 1/8 Buggy Grooved Foam Inserts. These are the "last bullet in the clip" for AKA's assault on the 2010 IFMAR World Championships in Pattaya, Thailand. To compliment the release of the EVO wheel and the IMPACT tire, the new soft red insert was designed to decrease the lateral deflection of the tire while at the same time increasing the vertical impact absorption therefore providing better handling in the bumps. Using a softer density foam or hollowing out the inner circumference leaves the car feeling squirmy and less accurate through the bumps. Not to mention the loss of durability.

Gil Losi and Mark Pavidis knew a softer density foam was not the solution. The solution they found was the addition of lateral grooves to the inside diameter of AKA's best in class closed cell inserts. The lateral grooves allow the insert to flex vertically to absorb large impacts while still maintaining lateral stability and the durability AKA inserts are known for. The result is a more predictable handling car in the harshest track conditions. A stiff wheel combined with a laterally stable, vertically compliant insert equals faster lap times.

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