Avid RC Avid RC Triad M4 Light Wheel Nuts | Green | 4pc
Avid RC Avid RC Triad M4 Light Wheel Nuts | Green | 4pc

Avid RC Avid RC Triad M4 Light Wheel Nuts | Green | 4pc

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The Avid Triad M4 Light Weight Wheel Nuts are possibly the lightest 10th scale wheel nuts on the market (0.3g/ea). The unique Triad design utilizes only three corners of the nut instead of 6 to give the nut its lighter weight. But don't think this takes away from the torque handling capabilities. With a quality wheel wrench you can crank these puppies down and the serrations will add the confidence you need for keeping them as you shred that PVC.


  • Extremely light weight serrated wheel, coming in at 0.3g/ea.
  • Unique Triad 3 cornered nut, uses common 7mm wheel wrenches.
  • Serrated to ensure they stay on while you’re showing the pipe who’s the boss.
  • Fits all modern 10th scale vehicles in offroad and onroad (AE, TLR, HB, KYO, XRAY, YOK) (M4x0.7)
  • Available colors: Black, Red, Blue, and Orange.
  • Each package includes 4 black wheel nuts and 1 AVID mini decal sheet.

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