Avid RC Gold Battery Bullets Dual 5mm 2pcs

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The Avid 5mm dual battery bullet plugs allow you to connect two battery packs together without having to stagger them in your car. Typically used in 8th scale when you want to run two 2s packs together.


  • Best used on packs that have an indention where the plug goes in so the middle ring has room to set in so your batteries will be pressed together. Now most packs that do have indentions will also require you to dremil just a bit of the center ring on the gold battery plug so you can get that flush pack. Otherwise you should place some foam between your packs if you can't get them flush to prevent bending of the plug.


  • Gold plated and 5mm thick.
  • Battery post 11mm long on each side, middle ring section is 3mm thick and 9mm diameter, and total length 25mm.
  • Includes: (2) 5mm dual gold plated battery bullets.

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