Avid RC Team Losi 8ight-X Bearing Kit

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Part Number: AV-LOSI-8X
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This is a bearing kit by Avid RC for TLR 8ight-X.

Bearing kit is set to include our new Clutch bearings which are metal shielded at $2/ea and designed to handle the most extreme clutch conditions. It is recommended to always blow out the grease in your clutch bearings with an air compressor.

  • (8) 8x16x5 Revolution
  • (6) 8x14x4 Revolution Flanged
  • (4) 6x10x3 Revolution
  • (2) 5x11x4 Revolution
  • (2) 5x13x4 Revolution
  • (2) 3/32 x 3/16 x 3/32 Metal
  • (1) 5x10x4 Metal | Clutch
  • (1) 5x13x4 Metal | Clutch

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