Competition Heat Deuce AC Nitro Engine Heater Black (120V) (.19-.28 Engines)
Competition Heat Deuce AC Nitro Engine Heater Black (120V) (.19-.28 Engines)

Competition Heat Deuce AC Nitro Engine Heater Black (120V) (.19-.28 Engines)

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This is the Competition Heat 110V Engine Heater. The Competition Heat 110 Volt Engine Heater allows you to pre-heat your engine without the use of a heat gun before starting your engine on the starter box. The Competition Heat 110 Volt Engine Heater was designed to uniformly heat all the critical internals of your engine, to help relieve the stress on the crank, con-rod, piston and sleeve during warm-up. It will properly pre-heat your engine to 180-200°F in as little as 10 to 15 minutes (depending on ambient temperature). This engine heater is the result of 40+ years of racing experience by its designers and is one of the most technologically advanced products to hit the nitro R/C market in years. The Competition Heat .21 R/C racing engine heater uses technology similar to that used by the Aerospace Industry, Formula 1, Indy Car and NASCAR Teams.

The Deuce features a high quality connector from Deutsch. These connectors have flame retardant, high-grade thermoplastics that allow the pins to be removed from the housing, making it easy to change out your cover when needed, keeping your Comp Heater looking new. The re-designed cover fits .19-.21-.24-.25 nitro engines, up to the larger .28’s and provides better insulation and a clean, sharp appearance.

The Competition Heat 110 Volt Engine Heater was designed with the competitive RC racer in mind, but its a powerful tool that can also be used by any nitro RC enthusiast. Pre-heating your race engine has become an important part of any competitive racing program to ensure your engine is ready to rip when the tires hit the track. This product makes the pre-heating process effortless, allowing you to focus on the important details like chassis setup and engine tune. No more warm up laps to build engine temps, no more waving a heat gun around trying to evenly distribute heat to your engine before you break it in or start it up on a cold day. Most importantly, it will quickly pay for itself by increasing engine life and performance! Get the maximum life and performance out of your high performance RC racing engine with the Competition Heat 12 Volt Engine Heater.


  • Properly and effectively heats all critical engine parts
  • Can be operated from any AC power source
  • Power cord includes a wall plug for any AC outlet 
  • Fireproof and heat resistant adjustable cover with an embroidered logo
  • Fits all .21-.25 nitro engines
  • Very small, lightweight and compact for quick, easy storage
  • Uses the same heating element that is found in both the Aerospace and Racing industry
  • Glow plug igniter and temperature access port allows you to start and monitor your engines temperatures without having to take the heater off
  • Distributes heat so effectively it will also heat the chassis and differentials
  • Designed with safety as a top priority, and it uses no metal parts
  • Heating element is moisture and chemical resistant
  • Makes starting and tuning easier
  • Eliminates unnecessary wear and stress on critical engine components
  • Saves fuel. No more starting your engine to warm it up
  • Will pay for itself in short time by increasing engine life and performance

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