Dremel High Speed Cutter
Dremel High Speed Cutter

Dremel High Speed Cutter

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Brand: Dremel
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This is a Dremel High Speed Cutter. This Carving/Engraving Accessory Is A 1/4" High-Speed Cutter Bit by Dremel. 

A high-quality, versatile cutter made from high-grade steel. Ideal for shaping, hollowing, grooving, slotting, inlaying, and making tapered holes in soft metals, plastics and woods.Great for conic surfaces. Repair furniture, create a decorative sign, engrave your valuables. 
INCLUDES: One High-Speed Cutter                                               
REQUIRES: Dremel Rotary Tool                                                  
SPECS:    Diameter: 1/4"  (6.4mm)                                             
                 Shank:    1/8"  (3.2mm)                                             
COMMENTS: This bit uses a 1/8" collet.

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