Dynamite 12V DC Nitro Engine Heater
Dynamite 12V DC Nitro Engine Heater

Dynamite 12V DC Nitro Engine Heater

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The Dynamite 12V DC Nitro Engine Heater will properly pre-heat your .19-.32 size engine to 140-158°F (60-70°C) in approximately 10 minutes based on ambient temperatures. It helps to relieve the stress on the crank, connecting rod, piston and sleeve during warm-up. It will also help provide a smooth engine start, with reduced stress on your starter box. Fuel consumption will be reduced, as you do not have to spend time and fuel warming up and adjusting your engine. Additionally, a pre-heater glow-plug will increase the life of your plug. It is also perfect for break-in, as it reduces the “pinch” on your new engine. This nitro engine heater will pay for itself many times over with increased engine life and performance!


  • MCU preheats and holds .19-.32 engines to the ideal 140-158°F (60-70°C) range.
  • Safety timer automatically turns power off after approximately 10 minutes of use.
  • 12V DC source with low voltage cutoff.
  • Built-in temperature sensor controls the output power
  • Blue LED indicator shows status of engine heater.
  • Fireproof and heat-resistant adjustable cover.
  • Access port on top allows you to start and easily monitor your engine's temperature
  • Fits all .19–32 RC Nitro surface engines.
  • May be powered by 3S lithium batteries, DC power supplies, or 12V sources

Application: Engine accessory
Height: 2.0" (50mm)
Input Voltage: 12V DC
Outer Diameter: +2.5" (63mm)
Voltage: 9-10V cutoff
Weight: 2.3oz (65g)

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