Exergen DX501 Precision Infra Red Temperature Gun

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Exergen Precision Infra Red Temperature Gun. The DX-Series is an entirely different type of instrument than conventional temperature measuring devices. Designed specifically for the highest possible accuracy, it is the only infrared instrument which can be certified with NIST - traceble accuracy on real surfaces of unknown emissivity, while remaining completely free of the contact errors and heat sinking errors of contact devices.

The true emissivity of a surface can never be accurately derermined by conventional infrared devices. Without Exergen’s Automatic Emissivity compensation system, IR devices with a pre-set emissivity setting can only display an approximate temperature over their entire temperature range.

The accuracy specification given by most manufacturers are only for a “blackbody” calibration and do not hold outside laboratory conditions . Blackbody calibrations totally ignore emissivity shifts, ambient change effects on the target, and other phenomenon. Only Exergen’s DX Series is unaffected by these distortions.

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