Fioroni Vario Quattro Clutch
Fioroni Vario Quattro Clutch 'Original Red' ERGAL 7075 (4 Shoes)

Fioroni Vario Quattro Clutch "Original Red" ERGAL 7075 (4 Shoes)

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Part Number: FIO-OT-FR104-7075
Brand: Fioroni
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The VARIO clutch family is expanding with the entry into production of the ORIGINAL RED models characterized by the bright red anodized color.

The latest evolution of the QUATTRO clutch, tested in collaboration with the leading riders of Team Italia Off Road, is offered with 4 ERGAL 7075 blocks and 4 1.1mm springs already as standard.

Like the entire VARIO family, an infinite series of "CLONES" marketed under the most varied brands: Option Team by Fioroni is the designer, developer and manufacturer of UNIQUE and INIMITABLE special parts to Guarantee the highest Quality of the materials and obsessive quality control.

The four blocks that house the flywheel are in Ergal7075.

The new 1.1mm springs guarantee constant engagement even in extreme racing situations.

The clutch is obviously adjustable like all "Vario" systems, there are 2 setting positions: L for more progressive engagement and H for more aggressive engagement


33mm clutch that fits all 1/8 Off Road Nitro Buggies and Truggies including Kyosho

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