Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector
Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector

Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector

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This enhanced metal detector has been specifically designed for use in more challenging environments such as mineralized grounds and iron-cluttered relic and coin hunting areas.

The AT Pro includes Garrett's exclusive Target ID technology and patented discrimination features. Two indicator scales allow you to see the detector’s discrimination setting (Lower Scale) as well as the analysis of each target (Upper Scale). In addition, a Digital Target ID scale provides a more specific target value. The AT Pro also features High Resolution Iron Discrimination (40 points) for separating desirable targets from iron junk in cluttered areas, several advanced audio features and a standard 8.5" x 11" elliptical Double-D searchcoil engineered for optimum performance in more challenging mineralized soils. In addition, the AT Pro can be operated in a very user-friendly Standard (STD) Mode or in a more advanced PRO Mode for experienced hunters.

Backed by more than 45 years of extensive research and development, your Garrett AT Pro metal detector is the most advanced of its kind in the industry. Whether you are experienced or a beginner, this machine is well suited for a wide variety of detecting environments. The AT Pro's advanced features are designed for the expert treasure hunter but its Standard Mode can be easily operated by the beginner.


  • Escape From Routine - Pro Mode Audio: Proportional Audio response and Tone Roll Audio features allow user to hear subtle changes in target's response to better judge conductivity, size, shape, and depth.
  • AT PRO Iron Audio - Hear The Iron Trash Before You Dig It: Iron Audio allows you to hear discriminated iron (normally silenced) to avoid digging undesired flat iron targets such as bottle caps or washers.
  • Proportional Audio Feature: The AT Pro features advanced, proportional (Pro) audio modes. This allows the user to hear subtle changes in a target's response. Proportional audio also helps the user to better judge a target's size, shape and depth and has the additional benefit of a much faster recovery time when detecting adjacent targets.
  • 8.5x11" DD PROformance Searchcoil: Optimized for maximum detection depth on small relics and coin-sized targets. The DD configuration provides greater detection depth and performance by significantly reducing the negative effects of heavily mineralized ground and saltwater interference.
  • All Terrain Adventure:Fast recovery speed, target separation, and detection depth. Submersible to 10 feet.
  • High-Res Iron Discrimination: 40 levels of iron discrimination provide the fine resolution needed to separate a good target from iron trash.
  • Digital Target ID: Numeric identification scale from 0 to 99. Identifies a target metal's conductivity.
  • MS-2 Headphones: The Garrett MS-2 headphones are designed for use with all types of metal detectors, with high fidelity speakers for maximum sensitivity and signal quality. This durable set includes a comfortable, padded headband with full-ear muffs to reduce environmental ambient noise. The MS-2 phones can be folded as shown below for compact carry and storage ability.
  • Fast Track Ground Balance: Automatic feature that allows the user to quickly ground balance the detector in mineralized soil conditions.
  • Electronic Pinpointing: This non-motion All-Metal Mode function is used to precisely locate a detected target's position.

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