HB Racing D2 Evo 1/10 Competition Electric Buggy 2wd (Updated Version)
HB Racing D2 Evo 1/10 Competition Electric Buggy 2wd (Updated Version)

HB Racing D2 Evo 1/10 Competition Electric Buggy 2wd (Updated Version)

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The D2 Evo was designed for total adjustability. Out of all the RC car racing categories, the 1/10 scale off-roaders are the most difficult to design because they race on a wide range of track surfaces, a wide variety of tires and even different tire sizes. As shown in the list of features, the D2 Evo covers that range. We’ve also implemented design features from our other kits to enhance this car, like machined aluminum components for higher precision and durability, monocoque suspension arms which have been a staple of HB off-roaders for the past decade, and droop screws which are ubiquitous in 1/8 scale but should add a level of convenience for 1/10 2WD.

D2 EVO Features:
  • (Aluminum Upgrades Included)
    Aluminum front arm mounts with optional adjustable kickup
  • Mono( oque susp-ension arms with carbon fiber inserts as pioneered by He in 1;B scale & 1.10 4WD Gullwing suspension arm design front & rear
  • Aluminum caster blocks with caster adjustment bushings included
  • Adjustable Ackermann geometry %la optional steering hub arms
  • Adjustable droop setting via droop screws similar to 118 scale buggies Ball bearing supported steering bellc ranks with aluminum steering rack
  • Flat plate aluminum chassis sa optional materials like carbon fiber can be used depending on racing conditions Adjustable battery position with quick change 0-ring retainers
  • Motor cooling fan mounts built into the side guards Dual disc adjustable sli pp-er clutch
  • Machined aluminum gearbox with 3-gear laydown configuration Easy access differential {tall & gear cliff available)
  • Aluminum rear hubs with inserts for various hinge pin heights Fully adjustable camber link position using spacers
  • Beth inboard and outboard camber mounts can be finely adjusted up & down as weLl as inward & outward
  • Clamping aluminum wheel hex drives
  • Arm mount inserts for toe-in and anti-squat adjustment

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