HB Racing D8 World Spec 1/8 Competition Nitro Buggy (Without Bodyshell)
HB Racing D8 World Spec 1/8 Competition Nitro Buggy (Without Bodyshell)

HB Racing D8 World Spec 1/8 Competition Nitro Buggy (Without Bodyshell)

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New from HB Racing is the D8 World Spec 1/8 nitro buggy. The D8 WS is the production version of the prototype that our HB Racing Team Drivers ran at the 2022 IFMAR Worlds in Spain. New suspension geometry enlarges the tuning envelope for contemporary style race tracks which are becoming higher speed and higher traction. In addition to new symmetrical suspension arms, the D8 WS now features adjustable pills on all 4 of the inner suspension mounts, delivering a wider variety of settings and quicker adjustment. And, the caster blocks, steering hubs, and rear hubs are now compatible with the latest HB truggy so racers who run both classes can carry fewer spare parts to the track. The D8 WS has been extensively tested and raced around the world, and is proven to deliver quicker lap times than our previous D819RS buggy.


  • NEW Revised suspension geometry for faster corner speeds
  • NEW Symmetrical buggy suspension arms
  • NEW Hard anodized aluminum front & rear shock towers
  • NEW Additional sway bar link mounting positions
  • NEW Lightweight aluminum front and rear hubs
  • NEW Revised lightweight aluminum main chassis
  • NEW Suspension arm mounts with fully adjustable pills
  • NEW 2 piece engine mount
  • NEW 4 shoe aluminum racing clutch
  • Universal drive shafts
  • 43/13 diff gear ratio with lightweight gears
  • Big bore threaded coilover shocks
  • Screw-type shock pins
  • Aluminum center chassis brace
  • Sintered brake pads & metal rotors
  • Heavy duty servo saver spring
  • Aluminum servo saver arm
  • Molded nylon rear wing
  • 1 piece lightweight wing mount
  • Graphite steering arms
  • Graphite rear hub carrier plates
  • Adjustable steel turnbuckles
  • Threaded outer hinge pins
  • Sway bars front and rear
  • Stand-up servo mounting
  • Split center bulkhead or easy access
  • Lightweight diff outdrives and center inputs
  • Racing fuel tank with stone filter clunk

Needed To Complete:

  • .21 (3.5cc) Nitro Engine
  • Tuned Exhaust System
  • 1 Steering High Speed Servo
  • 1 Throttle High Torque Servo
  • 2 Channel Radio System
  • 6.0V Flat or Hump Pack Receiver Battery & Charger
  • 1/8 Scale Buggy Tires, Wheels, Inserts & CA Glue
  • Polycarbonite Paint
  • 1/8 Scale Truggy Body
  • Nitro Fuel & Accessories
  • Glow Igniter
  • Starting Equipment
  • Tools for Assembly

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