Hudy Limited Edition Arm Reamer (3.0mm)
Hudy Limited Edition Arm Reamer (3.0mm)

Hudy Limited Edition Arm Reamer (3.0mm)

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Part Number: HUD107643
GTIN: 8581701076430
Brand: Hudy
Availability: Coming Soon
This is a Hudy Limited Edition Arm Reamer (3.0mm). This unique tool in the line of 25 Years Anniversary Limited Edition of HUDY tools is the perfect tool for precisely resizing plastic holes without creating excessive slop, allowing you to build a perfect free-moving suspension.

Features super-lightweight CNC-machined Swiss 7075 T6 aluminum handles with a diamond pattern surface for unsurpassed grip.

The tool is specially designed and hand groung to create sharp micro scurfies on the surface of the tool pin to precisely size plastic without tearing, stressing or over-sizing the hole of the suspension arm.

Handle includes the plastic cap in black colour press fitted into the handle end. Optional color-coded plastic caps (violet, red, blue) are available to customize the tools to your specifications.

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