Hudy Limited Edition Tool Set w/Carrying Bag
Hudy Limited Edition Tool Set w/Carrying Bag

Hudy Limited Edition Tool Set w/Carrying Bag

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Part Number: HUD190005
GTIN: 8581701900056
Brand: Hudy
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This is a set of Complete HUDY Limited Edition R/C Tool Set features all necessary hand tools for all types and scales of R/C cars, along with a premium-quality exclusive tool bag with a super-modern look with cool, stylish and full-color graphics around the bag. High-quality European materials and craftsmanship are in abundance. Ideal size for carrying your RC tools and accessories; holds up to 30 tools.

Super-strong stretchy Xylan™ holds the tools and will keep its stretchability for a long time. The inside walls feature a strong plastic sheet sewn for reinforcement, ensuring that even when the bag is fully loaded with tools it will not twist or bend. A heavy-duty lockable zipper is included, as well as a strong yet super-soft spongy handle for comfortable handling.


#107601 Limited Edition - Reamer for Body 0-9mm + Cover – Small
#107643 Limited Edition - Arm Reamer # 3.0mm
#107644 Limited Edition - Arm Reamer # 4.0mm
#111545 Limited Edition - Allen Wrench # 1.5mm
#112045 Limited Edition - Allen Wrench # 2.0mm
#112545 Limited Edition - Allen Wrench # 2.5mm
#113045 Limited Edition - Allen Wrench # 3.0mm
#132045 Limited Edition - Ball Allen Wrench # 2.0mm
#153055 Limited Edition - Slotted Screwdriver # 3.0mm – Long
#154055 Limited Edition - Slotted Screwdriver for Engine #4.0mm
#164045 Limited Edition - Phillips Screwdriver # 4.0mm
#165045 Limited Edition - Phillips Screwdriver # 5.0mm
#175535 Limited Edition - Socket Driver # 5.5mm
#177035 Limited Edition - Socket Driver # 7.0mm
#181030 Turnbuckle Tool - 3.0mm
#181040 Turnbuckle Tool - 4.0mm
#181040 Turnbuckle Tool - 5.0mm
#199011 HUDY Carrying Bag - Small

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