Hyperion EOS 0720i NET3-AD Li/NiMH/A123 Balancing AC/DC Charger (7S/20A/150W)
Hyperion EOS 0720i NET3-AD Li/NiMH/A123 Balancing AC/DC Charger (7S/20A/150W)

Hyperion EOS 0720i NET3-AD Li/NiMH/A123 Balancing AC/DC Charger (7S/20A/150W)

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Part Number: HP-EOS720IAD
Brand: Hyperion
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The EOS 0720i NET3-AD charger combines the best of both worlds. The NET3-AD can charge all the popular battery chemistries and up to 7S lipos, with up to 20A of raw charging power. With the built in balancer its easy to keep your lipos healthy and safe. The 110V input provides 90W of input power, and the DC input (up to 15V) you have 150W at your disposal. The EOS 0720i NET3 AD is the obvious choice when looking to upgrade to more power with the flexibility of a built-in power supply.

The NET3-AD is the most powerful AC/DC charger currently available. With AC input, it can charge a 5000mAh 2S car pack at more than 2C (~11.5A) and on DC nearly 4C (~19A). Or on AC a 3S 2100mAh pack it can hit almost 4C, and on DC input up to 6C!


  • Next-generation 0720i NET charger for 110V and >15V DC
  • Perfect for home as well as the field or track
  • Adapter boards for Chinese types (XH), German brands and of course Hyperion is included - everything you see in the picture is in the box!
  • 7S 150W 20A max Charge, 80W/10A max Discharge
  • SYNC Charge up to 2x7S for max 14S Flightpacks at 500W max. *See explanation of SYNC MODE charging below.
NET3 Changes vs. Previous 0720i NET:
  • 12-Bit Balance Circuit Resolution for superb accuracy
  • Built-In USB Data Port and supplied USB cable
  • Hardware support for EOS Control & Data Suite PC Software
  • 20 Memory slots for batteries
  • CYCLE mode for LiFePO4 and LiPo
*EOS 0720i-NET3 AD is designed to charge single Lithium-based packs up to 7S max, you CANNOT charge a single "unit" pack greater than 7S using one or both DUO ports no matter the wiring. For flight packs larger than 7S, Network two NET3 in SYNC MODE to balance charge two separate packs, which after charge are series-wired to make the flight pack. (so 2x2S=4S up to 2x7S=14S series flight packs are possible)

Temp sensors available separate: HP-EOSTMPSEN or EOS1210i-SEN
Firmware upgrades only available if/when improvements are identified in future.

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