JConcepts Body Clips Medium Size (Black) (12pcs)
JConcepts Body Clips Medium Size (Black) (12pcs)

JConcepts Body Clips Medium Size (Black) (12pcs)

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Securely holding down the body on any R/C vehicle is extremely important and finding that missing body clip at the track can be next to impossible.   Stock-up with the most important small item in R/C with the JConcepts body clips.   The highly stylish, black in color and medium sized replacement body clip for Team Associated, TLR and all Traxxas vehicles is an immediate hit.    These shiny new body clips are the perfect replacement to an old or missing collection for an assortment of R/C vehicles.    Recover with JConcepts.

• Hefty diameter, medium size design
• 12 pcs. per package
• Black in color
• Direct fit on all Team Associated, TLR and Traxxas vehicles

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