Brushed motors- tips and tricks to keep them clean

If you are the owner of an RTR or Ready to run vehicle, then you surely are aware of the technicalities involved in keeping your RTR motor in the best shape. These motors come in all different sizes depending on the brand and vehicle type. It is the most essential part of your RTR vehicle that determines how fast can your vehicle run. 

It is the ultimate driving force that provides the needed power to your vehicle. The faster it gets, the more fun you tend to have. Hence, keeping your RTR motor in its best shape is going to make sure you don’t miss out on all the thrill and fun. 

Types of motors of an RTR vehicle

Irrespective of the size, motors embedded in RTR vehicles are generally of two different types, namely, brushed motor and brushless motor. 

In this article, we will mainly focus on how to clean brushed motors in the proper way to keep them in good condition and maintain the power within.

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How to clean a brushed motor?

Brushed motors are sealed and hence, you won't be able to take them apart. Cleaning them could be a little tricky. However, with the following step-by-step guide, it could be taken care of with ease.

Step 1 Removing the motor from the vehicle

The first step would be to remove the motor from the vehicle. For this, you need to first remove the pinion gear from the motor shaft, keep it aside and then proceed to remove the motor. While removing the motor, take care not to break any plugs. Also, take note of the wiring so that you could put them the same way while reconnecting the motor.

RC motors are fixed to the vehicle with different screws to keep it tight and intact. Keep them aside separately because you don’t want to lose them while refixing the motor.

Step 2 Cleaning the dirt

This is the most important step.

You don’t need any special cleaning essentials for this. An old toothbrush would do the trick here. However, if you don’t mind spending on tools, you can get yourself a stiff bristle paintbrush too.

But, you have to be very gentle while rubbing the dirt off with the toothbrush. Don’t be too harsh on the scrubbing part, as it will only trap the dirt inside the vent holes of the motors. Once you scrub off the surface dirt, you can proceed to get rid of the build-up dust.

Step 3 Compressed air technique to get rid of residuals

This technique will help in getting rid of the residual dirt from vent holes where the brush does not reach. You can make use of compressed air to push the air through those vent holes and remove the built-up dirt with pressure.

This technique should only be used after cleaning the majority of dirt through scrubbing. Otherwise, it would not help clean your motor and would only make it worse.

Step 4 Water dipping

The next step is to simply dip the brushed motor in a bowl of water. This is an age-old, time-tested method for RC enthusiasts to not only clean the motor but also to brush the motor break-in. 

  • How does this process work?

Dip only the bottom portion of the motor in the water while connecting the wires to your electronics to provide the power to run it. Keep the connectors away from the water. With one hand holding the motor dipped in the water, use the other hand to run the motor. Let it run for about 10 minutes at moderate speed to give it a steady rpm.

  • What is the advantage of this process?

Running the water in the water enables the brushes to mold the shape of the commutator and help it to produce more efficient power to run to your vehicle.

Lastly, take it out of the water, lube up the bearings and bushings, and let it sit idle for a few hours before installing it back in your vehicle.

Caution: The water dipping method should never be performed with brushless motors.

Step 5 Remounting the motor

Be careful while fixing the motor back to the vehicle along with the gear mesh. Arrange the wires exactly they were before you disconnected them. The best way to check if the reinstallation was done properly is by running your vehicle. If your vehicle produces too much noise, it could be a sign that the mesh is too tight and you need to reset the gear mesh. 

While loosening the gear, make sure you don’t make it too loose for it could strip the gears. It is also a good practice to check your electrical connections. Look out for frayed wires to avoid loss of power.

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