King Headz Kyosho MP9 EZ Change Motor Mount Extended
King Headz Kyosho MP9 EZ Change Motor Mount Extended

King Headz Kyosho MP9 EZ Change Motor Mount Extended

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This is a optional King Headz extended EZ Change motor mount kit for the Kyosho MP9 Buggy. This Mount is CNC machined from 7075 aluminum and Anodized. These are designed with a base mount and removable top blocks. Once the mount is installed in the vehicle and the gear mesh is set you can remove and reinstall the motor without resetting the mesh.  This mount will fit either a Nova based or Picco based motors, no need to order different mounts for different motors. Extra mounts are offered so that other motors can be swapped out quickly.

NOTE: This mount kit can not be used with Roto or Pull start motors

 1 - Base
 1 - Set of top blocks
 4 - M4 x 12MM Alloy Flat Head Allen Screws (mounts base to chassis)
 4 - M4 Lock Nuts (mounts base to chassis)
 4 - M3 x 12MM Alloy Allen Head Screws (mounts top blocks to base)
 4 - M3 lock washers (used with M3 x 12MM screws)
 4 - M3 x 10MM Alloy Allen Head Screws (mounts motor to top blocks)

  • Material: 7075 Aircraft Billet Aluminum
  • Weight: 40.72 grams (base and 2 top blocks - no hardware)

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