KO Propo EX-2 Select Pack 2 (includes Drop Ext. & Battery Stand Unit)

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EX-2 Standard Edition Highlights
  • Utilizing KO's US Patented K.I.Y. system for modular components.
  • 2.7inch LCD display for easy navigation.
  • LCD screen can be rotated 90 degrees for personal viewing preference.
  • Basic Grip Unit without ET4/ET5 buttons.
  • Dual signal outputs for KO's FHSS system and Kyosho's MHS Mini-Z.
  • Using the K.I.Y. system allows for upgrades later without purchasing an entirely new system.
  • EX-1 K.I.Y. optional accessories can be used with the EX-2.
Model: Select (20 model memory), Name, Copy, Reset

Steering: Auto Trim, Auto Balance, Trim, Travel, Balance, Sub Trim, Trim Rate, Turn Speed, Return Speed, Punch, Curve, Reverse, Feel

Throttle: Trim, Travel F, Travel B, Sub Trim, Trim Rate, Turn Speed, Return Speed, Punch, Curve, Reverse, Neutral Brake, Brake Override, ABS, Accel, AutoStart, IdleUp, Feel

  • 2WAY: 2 positions setting
  • 3WAY: 3 positions setting
  • 5WAY: 5 positions setting
  • ANALOG: 25 steps and end position setting
  • Gyro
  • Twin Servo
  • 4WS MIX
  • T-MIX
Timer: StopWatch, DownTimer

System: Pairing, Modulation Setting (FH/MHS), Key Setting, Display, Battery, Calculator, Sound, VR Information, Key Speed, Operation Alarm

Compatible Receivers:
  • 21004  KR-411FH
  • 21005  KR-211FH
  • 21006  KR-212FHG
  • 21007  KR-413FH
  • 21008  KR-241FH
  • 21009  KR-15FHD
  • 21010  KR-415FHD short antenna

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