KO Propo Expert Grip Unit 2 (Right Hand) White
KO Propo Expert Grip Unit 2 (Right Hand) White

KO Propo Expert Grip Unit 2 (Right Hand) White

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A white pearl painted stand unit that matches the distinctive master unit of EX-NEXT is included. In addition, white colored grips are standard, allowing the same specifications as the standard set to be used when reconfiguring from the EX-NEXT LDT.

Renovating the form by lengthening the throttle trigger and operational angle. In order to not influence the operational angle, the distance to the finger from the angular sensor has created a more direct feeling while maintaining a compact and comfortable size. With the direct feeling of the throttle/brake reaction when moved, the increase of this linear feeling allows for a smoother and quicker reaction with input on the throttle and brake.

Compatible Models:

Matser Unit EX-NEXT / RR / EX-1 / EX-2 / EX-6 / EX-LDT

*When using the Expert grip unit 2 for the EX-1, EX-2 and EX-6, only the ReturnSpeed function may not operate correctly. All other functions will operate correctly.

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