KO Propo Master Unit FHSS (+KR-413FH)

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KO Propo Master Unit FHSS (+KR-413FH)
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EX-1 KIY "Master Unit" using our Ver.2 FHSS system and includes one KR-413FH receiver. You will need a grip unit and steering unit to complet the system.

Version 2 changes:

  • Version 2 is a software improvement for response and linear feeling.
  • Conventional response increased 5%. Transition from moving the steering back/forth quickly and small movements have been improved.
  • Motion feeling has been enhanced. Improvement for human interface for a more natural feeling but still maintaining a faster feeling.
  • Version 2 Master Units (FHSS & ASF) are compatible with current Grip and Steering Units.
  • External plastic case is the same as previous version, just software and PC board has been changed.

KO PROPO introduces Kustomize It Yourself (K.I.Y.) an interchangeable transmitter. The concept of the new K.I.Y. brings simplicity to customizing and upgrading within a modular system. The new transmitter is composed of 3 modular units: Steering, Throttle and Master units. The three separate modular units can be easily put together, no screws required. Just push the safety lock of the joint, pull the lever and pull or push to insert or remove the modular unit. It’ s that simple! You can use the K.I.Y. to unlock your next system and bring more enjoyment to your hobby.


The FHSS system which is used has a foldable and removable antenna for storage. The improved system increases the reliability and removes error for communication failures. The corresponding receiver used is the KR-413FH, KR-411FH and KR-211FH, which are the same receivers used by our other FHSS systems.

High Performance CPU & 2.7inch LCD

Adopting a new CPU that is 20% faster then our previous system. The 12bit processor inside this master unit allows for quick data processing and securely performing delicate control. The large size LCD allows for various function configurations at a quick glance.

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