KOP EX-NEXT Black SP w/MINI-Z EVO2 Receiver Unit
KOP EX-NEXT Black SP w/MINI-Z EVO2 Receiver Unit

KOP EX-NEXT Black SP w/MINI-Z EVO2 Receiver Unit

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Part Number: KOP10760
Brand: KO Propo
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Includes MINI-Z EVO 2 Receiver Unit for KO Compatible Transmitter


  • Dimensions:240.5×163.0×107.2mm?Does not include protrusions?
  • Weight: 551g?battery not included ?
  • Power supply: AAA size dry battery, Ni-MH battery x4 (sold separately)
  • ?Li-Fe battery?2cell 6.6V?(sold separately)
  • ?Li-Po battery?2cell 7.4V?(sold separately)
  • Current: 200mA or less
  • Channel?PWM 4ch/ Serial 8ID
  • Maximum setting ID number of serial are different by each products.
  • Compatible transmitter firmware version: Ver3.00 later
  • Frequency: 2.4GHz
  • Radio Mode: XT
  • Model memory 50
  • Default Setting:
  •         RF mode (Transmitter - Receiver) : XT Telemetry
  •         Response (Receiver - Servo) : NORMAL
  • Compatible receiver: KR-420XT, MINI-Z EVO 2 receiver unit for KO compatible transmitter, MINI-Z EVO Receiver Unit EX-NEXT MC-8

*The combination of MR-03 and "MINI-Z EVO 2 receiver unit for KO compatible transmitter" does not support telemetry function or advanced mode. Please use it in combination with MR-04.

*The conventional "MINI-Z EVO Receiver Unit 82040" is not compatible with this product.

*If you use Li-fe, Li-po, you must use with our option unit (Battery stand Unit).
*Can not use LCD Xpansion unit EXP-104 series.
*Can not use FHSS or DSSS receiver. (KR-418FH KR-415FHD,KR-210S etc)
*The product photos on this site are prototypes, which may be different to production models.

Long-awaited MINI-Z compatible telemetry function & advanced mode.

This is a transmitter/receiver set that comes with the receiver unit "MINI-Z EVO 2 Receiver Unit for KO Compatible Transmitter (No.82045)" compatible with MINI-Z EVO2.
By combining it with MR-04EVO2, you can use the "telemetry function" that allows you to adjust settings from the radio, and the "advanced mode" that allows faster communication.

Bidirectional telemetry mode
Various setting values that have been previously set on a PC can be easily set from the radio by operating the buttons on the expansion unit, just as if changing the settings on the radio. Additionally, EX-NEXT's telemetry function can read machine information. Not only each setting value but also the machine's battery voltage can be read out in real time.

High-speed advanced mode
EVO2 allows you to use high-speed advanced mode (0.99ms)! Advanced mode's high-speed communication increases the density of information that can be sent to the machine. You can experience the "fine and smooth handling feeling" brought about by unprecedented high-definition and high-resolution control.

Firmware Ver.3.00 compatible with MINI-Z EVO2.

Firmware Ver.3.00 has been released to use MINI-Z EVO2 with EX-NEXT. EX-NEXT of this set is preset to Ver.3.00.

If you already have EX-NEXT

If you already have an EX-NEXT, you can update it to Ver.3.00 to make it compatible with MINI-Z EVO. Please download and use the software and files required for uploading from the link below. *A separate ICS USB Adapter HS is required for the update.

"Updater for EX-NEXT, update file" (in preparation)

Available functions vary depending on the MINI-Z receiver unit, MINI-Z main unit, and EX-NEXT version. Please check the table below for details.

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