Kyosho KOMATSU HD785-7 1/50 Dump Truck (Radio Band A)
Kyosho KOMATSU HD785-7 1/50 Dump Truck (Radio Band A)

Kyosho KOMATSU HD785-7 1/50 Dump Truck (Radio Band A)

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Komatsu is recognized around the world for its heavy-duty construction machinery, and Kyosho is proud to recreate the KOMATSU HD785-7 first released in February 2010, in this high-grade version. The previous model featured standard FWD and REV movement, however this HG model introduces High and Low gears for even more realistic function in addition to standard steering control and UP-DOWN control of the vessel (loading platform). The special controller with steering and lever recreates the sense of power unique to dump truck driving characteristics. The pre-painted body is immaculately finished down to fine details, making it suitable even as a display model. Three infra-red channels (A, B, & C) allow up to 3 trucks to be operated at the same time. Simply purchase standard alkaline batteries for the chassis and the controller and you can enjoy driving this fully assembled model, complete with pre-painted body. Recreate your own construction site by working the dump truck together with the 1/50 scale KOMATSU PC1250-8 (HG) hydraulic excavator of the same IRC construction machinery series.

  • Fully completed, just install batteries to drive and operate.
  • Special infra-red ‘IRC’ control system with special controller manages operating functions like the real machine.
  • 3 channels for multifunction: 1 channel for forward/reverse, 1 channel for left/right turn and 1 channel for up/down control of vessel (loading platform).
  • 3 Infra-red channels (A, B & C) allow 3 trucks to operate at the same time.
  • Also, as the hydraulic excavator operates on different channels, 3 excavators and 3 dump trucks (maximum 6 machines) can operate at the same time.
  • Detailed finish includes driver figure in the control seat, reproduced with company uniform.
  • 1/50 scale size with length of 210mm can be enjoyed as a display model.
  • Pre-painted realistic finish is of display model standard.
Needed to Complete:
  • (4) AAA Batteries
  • (1) 9V Battery

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