Kyosho Multi Starter Box Pro 2.0
Kyosho Multi Starter Box Pro 2.0

Kyosho Multi Starter Box Pro 2.0

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Kyosho Multi Starter Box Pro 2.0


All starter boxes are not created equal! Many starter boxes look alike, but that doesn't mean they're the same. The new Kyosho Multi-Starter 2.0 is one of the most versatile starter boxes on the market that starts almost anything from the smallest nitro machine up to a big 1/8 off-road truggy.

The key feature 2.0 version of Kyosho's Multi-Starter is its small 55mm (2.15in.) starter wheel. The smaller wheel means there's more torque to crank even the most stubborn engines, and the starter wheel gets farther up through the flywheel opening of any chassis, which means it's easier for the starter to reach the engine's flywheel.

New slots are cut across the top of the starter box instead of end to end, making it easier to position a wider variety of vehicles on the 2.0 Multi-Starter Box. A pair of high-torque 550 motors with internal cooling fans drives the starter wheel via belt drive, all of which is attached to a pod that can be repositioned in the starter box housing to start inline or transverse-mounted engines. There are also multiple positions for the starter wheel, so the Multi-Starter 2.0 can accommodate just about any engine mounting position.

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