Kyosho RC Surfer 4 Electric Surfboard (Blue)
Kyosho RC Surfer 4 Electric Surfboard (Blue)

Kyosho RC Surfer 4 Electric Surfboard (Blue)

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Kyosho’s 4th release of the RC Surfer that amazed the world with its innovative form and function rides the waves again. Reinforced stainless shafted rudder and improved surfer figure add extra reliability. We have also adopted 2 graphic designs for surfboards. Not just for R/C fans, real wave riders will also appreciate the function and form of the R/C Surfer. Buoyant material inside the surfboard structure and hollow surfer figure with floatation function combines with the auto-recovery mechanism to make the R/C Surfer practically unsinkable. While the natural habitat of the R/C Surfer is the sea, its dynamic response also functions well on the flat waters of lakes and rivers. Anti corrosive materials mean you can focus on surfing the R/C Surfer in any type of water. Simply install the surfer figure onto the factory-assembled surfboard and you are ready to ride the waves without assembly or adjustment as soon as you charge the battery with Delta Peak USB Charger. The R/C Surfer 4 captures the spirit and fun of surfing like never before.

  • Redesigned color scheme by 2 graphic designed surfboards.
  • Pre-assembled and adjusted Readyset.
  • Waterproof board design incorporates practically unsinkable built-in float.
  • Reinforced pre-painted figure with hollow structure also functions as a float. O-ring damper in the surfers feet reduce damage from impact.
  • Newly designed stainless shafted rudder adapts to banking posture and also protects the propeller.
  • 24T 540-class motor installed with water-cooling jacket maintains performance over long drive times.
  • Equipped with KYOSHO SPEED HOUSE KA060-91W 60A ESC that controls high 60A current.
  • RC Surfer is an RC model powered by a propeller. Cannot be used to surf without electric power.
  • Figure is not movable.
  • Max speed or usage time can vary depending on usage conditions.
Kit Contains:
  • Pre-colored surf board installed with R/C system, complete with linkages
  • Complete pre-painted surfer figure
  • KT-231P 2.4GHz 2ch pistol grip type transmitter
  • 7.2V-2200mAh SCR NiMH battery
  • Ni-MH battery dedicated delta peak USB charger

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