Lunsford XRAY T4 2018/2019 Punisher Titanium Turnbuckle Kit
Lunsford XRAY T4 2018/2019 Punisher Titanium Turnbuckle Kit

Lunsford XRAY T4 2018/2019 Punisher Titanium Turnbuckle Kit

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If you run on high bite clay, AstroTurf or carpet, 3.5mm SUPER DUTY Turnbuckles are for you. Additionally, the turnbuckle sizes below are different than stock lengths to better suite different adjustment settings and/or proper turnbuckle to ball cup engagement.

3.5mm SUPER DUTY Turnbuckles greatly increase the strength over the standard 3mm turnbuckles. We've spent years adapting this concepts to a variety of 1:10 products and have found this is needed for today's high bite, high speed carpet, AstroTurf and high traction clay surfaces. Making room in the plastic is necessary and achieved by the included drill bit. Plastic integrity is not lost as we maintain zero voids between the turnbuckle threads and plastic rod ends. The turnbuckles included are for stock configuration turnbuckle placement. In some instances, you may need to purchases additional sizes to adapt to all turnbuckle placement options. However, we have found the manufactures and racers tend to lean towards set-ups that stay within the limits of the stock lengths.

The Lunsford Turnbuckle Touch:
- Grade 5 Titanium is roughly a 45% weight savings over steel. 
- Anti-corrosion properties are greater than stainless steel. 
- Nano accurate thread rolling process   - A very smooth, zero tolerance and bur free threading process aids in the preservation of the parts you are threading into.
- Machined from Made in the USA center-less ground titanium.
- From raw material to the finished product, all of our Grade 5 titanium born and bred in the USA.
- Designed, developed and crafted right here in Albany, Oregon USA at the Lunsford compound.
- All Lunsford Titanium Turnbuckles come with a 100% Guarantee!

What's Included:
2 - 3mm x 39mm PUNISHER Titanium Turnbuckles (Steering)
5 - 3mm x 26mm PUNISHER Titanium Turnbuckles (Front Camber, Rear Camber, Drag Link)

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