M2C Racing HB Racing D8 Front Antidive System
M2C Racing HB Racing D8 Front Antidive System

M2C Racing HB Racing D8 Front Antidive System

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These Blocks Are Made 7075 Aircraft Aluminum For Maximium Strength. They Are A Captured Hinge Pin System Which Makes Changing The Antidive Simply Removing 2 Screws On The Bottom And Removing The 2 Front Screws. The Use Of The Tapered Ball Hinge Pin Gives The User A Very Free Floating System That Will If A Crash Is Bad Enough To Bend The Hinge Pin The System Will Continue To Operate Freely As The Ball Can Still Rotate In The Bushing Or The Arm Can Rotate Around The Hinge Pin. If The Pin Does Get Bent It Will Likely Occur At The Weakest Point On The Pin Which Is At The Bottom Of The Taper. This Area Is Not In The Bushing Or In The Arm , Allowing The System To Still Fucntion. Kit Comes With : (1) B Block (1) A Or Antidive Block (2) 2 Hinge Pins (1) Pack Of Long Life Delrin Bushings Bushing Pack Includes: (4) 1 Dot Bushings (4) 2 Dot Bushing (4) 3 Dot Bushing.

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