M2C Racing HB Racing D815 Electric Motor Mount

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This mount is made using 6061-t6 aluminum and is 3/8 wide to give you a very solid base, anodized black this mount also offers an additional anchor hole that you can put in yourself with the drills and countersink to give even more support for a rock solid  mount. The slide will allow you to have the option of running from a 14 to23 pinion gear. The slide mount is anchored with (2) 4mm button head screws in the top and (1) 3 mm screw in the bottom to give you a worry free mounting system.

This model also utilizes a split diff to allow you easy access to the diffs  by removing the (4) top screws without changing the gear mesh.

This model uses the existing front center diff  mount.

It is advised that you do not tighten any of the screws down until you have the diff assembled to allow all the mating parts to seat.


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