Much-More FLEX Shock O ring 50 deg?

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New "FLEX O-RING" was developed by the World Champion Marc Rheinard. Muchmore Racing with X-GEAR introduce the "FLEX O-RING" set for shock O-rings for a range of 1/10th scale on-road and off-road vehicles.

The "FLEX O-RING" made from a specially silicone compound that is much less prone to “swelling” under the influence of silicone shock oil meaning a better seat of the seals within the shock cartridges over a longer period lead time and super smoothies fitting shock shaft.

The "FLEX O-RING" have a easy setup to your car roll speed. Carpet track use 50,60 degrees best choice. and low traction track and low temperature can be setup 40 degrees best choice.

Containing three different rates of 40,50 degrees and 60 degrees the set is designed to cover the needs of asphalt track and carpet track, artificial surface tracks. The O-rings come in a 8-piece set.

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