Mugen 1.25mm 6 Hole Damper Piston (4)
Mugen 1.25mm 6 Hole Damper Piston (4)

Mugen 1.25mm 6 Hole Damper Piston (4)

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Part Number: MUGE0544
GTIN: 4944925018725
Brand: Mugen
Availability: In Stock.
These are the Damper Pistons for use on the                    
                  Mugen 1/8 kits                       
FEATURES: Nylon construction                                                  
          Black in color                                                      
INCLUDES: Four Damper Pistons                                                 
REQUIRES: Installation inside shocks                                          
SPECS:    Diameter: 15mm (0.59")                                              
          Width: 2.5mm (0.1")        

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