Novarossi Loco Off Road Buggy 3.5cc (3 Port) Roto Start

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Displacement: 3,49 cc
R.P.M. (max power): 28.000 RPM
Practical range: 6.000-32.800 R.P.M.
Bore x stroke: 16,26x16,80 mm
Sleeve: 3 ports
Rear ball bearings: steel
Front ball bearings: steel
Crankshaft: 14 mm
Carburetor: plastic - 9mm - slide
Glowplug: Standard (C5S)
Exhaust position: rear
Starting: rotostart
Weight: 420 g
Fuel type: 25% nitro

Glow Plug:
The glow plug of engine is a Standard type glow plug.

The sleeve has 3 transfer ports to supply a linear power output and to keep fuel consumption low.

This carburetor is made from plastic and have a sliding throttle valve. (reverse type).

Pipe and Manifold Combo:
This engine comes with the Novarossi 51008-027 pipe and manifold package.

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