Novarossi Manifold Kit Polished Conical Long 2 Rings + 5 Fins (Gaskets and Springs) (3.5cc)

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Novarossi inserts into its range 3 new conical manifolds to improve power and fuel consumption of 1/8th onroad nitro engines. The long manifold (41013L) offers more acceleration power and the short (41013S) one gives more high speed. The straight 41014 offers even more power. They are suggest for all ours 3.5cc on-road competition engines.

All manifold kits include gasket exhaust and springs.

Shorter exhaust: gives less acceleration, but an increased top speed.

Longer exhaust: gives more acceleration, but reduced top speed.

Conical exhaust: top speed higher, higher acceleration and higher fuel consumption.

Cylindrical exhaust: top speed lower and lower fuel consumption.

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