Novarossi Mito .21 4-Port Off-Road Engine (Tuned) (Ceramic)

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This is the all new Novarossi Mito .21 4-Port Off-Road Engine (Tuned) (Ceramic). Novarossi's engines offer their patented shifted carburetor that has a better mixture flow through the crankcase for improved fuel efficiency and an optimized power curve. Also new are updated rear ball bearings for reduced rotating masses and an improved mixture flow inside the engine which relates to increased throttle response and higher top speeds. A redesigned 3-needle carburettor for improved idle characteristics and an improved return to lower RPM when coming from the upper ranges of the RPM spectrum.  



– Displacement: 3.49c

– RPM (max power): 36.200RPM

– Bore x stroke: 15.88×17.60mm

– Sleeve: 4 ports

– Rear ball bearings: ceramic

– Front ball bearings: ceramic

– Crankshaft: 14.5mm – turbo

– Carburettor: Plastic – 9 mm – slide

– Glow plug: Turbo (C6TGC)

– Exhaust position: rear

– Weight: 370g 

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