O.S. RP7 Turbo Glow Plug Cold On-Road
O.S. RP7 Turbo Glow Plug Cold On-Road

O.S. RP7 Turbo Glow Plug Cold On-Road

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This is the O.S. T-Series RP7 Medium Heat Range Turbo Glow Plug.        
FEATURES: T-series glow plugs are ideal for racing car engines that create high RPM For .12, .15 and .21 size turbo head on-road racing engines. Ideal plug for any outside temperature                              
INCLUDES: O.S. T-Series RP6 Medium Heat Range Turbo Glow Plug                 
REQUIRES: Glow Plug Wrench, HCAP2550                                          
COMMENTS: This glow plug is different from the conventional glow plug. It is made to fit the inner head of engines with a turbo-type cylinder head design.

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