Performa P1 Radical 7 Port Off-Road Buggy Engine

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Performa P1 Radical Engines are developed by the Engine Guru Adrien Bertin. Choosing the CRF technology as a base, Adrien went back to the drawing board to make it even better! The Radical P1 3 Ports Engine provides a smooth, linear power band with strong bottom through top end with excellent run time making it ideal for buggy racers that like a smooth engine with power on tap at all times!

The Radical P1 7 Ports Engine provides tremendous torque with an exceptional top end. The linear power band make it drivable despite the insane power of the 7 ports design making it ideal for Truggy or Buggy racers that race on large track. Adrien Bertin, who has 4 IFMAR World Championship titles, two as a driver and 2 as the CRF Engineer is offering to Performa P1 his special touch :

  • Hand Made tuning and preparation.
  • Run-in by Adrien

Bore: 16mm
Carb Type: Slide
Crank Type:SG
Cylinders: 1
Displacement: 16mm
Displacement: 3.5ccm / .21
Fuel: Nitro
Number of Ports: 7
Power: 2[email protected]@HP
RPM: 39000tr/min
Stroke: 2 Stroke
Weight: 350g

Recommended Plugs:
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Model #ORI88861 - Team Orion CRF Power Turbo Plug BT3 (Buggy)
Model #ORI88862 - Team Orion CRF Power Turbo Plug BT5 (Buggy)

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