Pro-Line 1/4 Roost MX Sand/Snow Paddle Rear Tire MTD Black (1): PROMOTO-MX
Pro-Line 1/4 Roost MX Sand/Snow Paddle Rear Tire MTD Black (1): PROMOTO-MX

Pro-Line 1/4 Roost MX Sand/Snow Paddle Rear Tire MTD Black (1): PROMOTO-MX

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This is a Roost MX Sand/Snow Paddle Rear Tire. Time to hit the dunes or shred some powder! The Roost MX rear paddle tire from Pro-Line is designed to turn your PROMOTO-MX into a sand or snow-flinging machine.

The Roost MX does exactly what its name states it makes massive roosts in sand or snow! It features 9 large cup-shaped scoop paddles allowing you to power out of deep sand and get up on the plane with ease. The stiff, durable compound keeps the paddles true and wear to a minimum.

A few tips for driving your Roost MX-equipped PROMOTO-MX in the dunes:

  • For the ultimate handling on sand, remove the side lean bars/wheels to keep the bike from digging in when leaning/steering.
  • Keep your speed up as much as possible to keep the bike floating across the sand!
  • Brush/shake out your chain after every battery pack to remove as much sand as possible
  • A knobby front tire is the best performing front tire as well as being the most scale

The Roost MX comes conveniently pre-glued to a black Supermoto wheel, which is smaller in diameter than the stock wheels. This allows for the largest possible paddle and gives your bike that true-to-scale look. Inside the tires are high-quality closed cell inserts for consistent handling and durability. This tire is proudly manufactured and assembled at Pro-Line Headquarters in the USA!

PRO1023810 | Roost MX Sand/Snow Paddle Motorcycle Tire Mounted on Black Supermoto Wheel for PROMOTO-MX Rear

Tire Features

  • 9 Paddle Tread Pattern
  • Fling Massive Roosts in the Sand or Snow
  • Durable Material for Optimal Wear
  • Pre-mounted for Your Convenience
  • True to Scale Design
  • High-Quality Closed Cell Inserts for Consistent Handling and Durability
  • Made in the USA, since 1982

Tire Features

  • Black Supermoto Rear Wheel
  • Smaller Diameter than stock PROMOTO-MX wheels
  • True-to-Scale look

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