Pro-Line Hole Shot 2.0 M3 2.2
Pro-Line Hole Shot 2.0 M3 2.2' 4wd Buggy Front Tires (2)

Pro-Line Hole Shot 2.0 M3 2.2" 4wd Buggy Front Tires (2)

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This is a set of two Pro-Line Hole Shot 2.0, 2.2" 4wd Buggy Front Tires in M3 Compound. The Hole Shot 2.0 tire features refined pins, a flatter carcass and updated internal webbing, dramatically increasing the performance of an already dominant tire design.

Tire Features:

  • Updated pin design lasts longer
  • Small, square-lug technology throughout tire
  • New outer pins are angled to resist catching ruts
  • Internal webbing reduces tire expansion under acceleration
  • Fits any 1:10 2.2” Buggy front wheel
  • Tire made 100% in the USA
  • Foam Inserts included

What's included:

  • (2) Hole Shot 2.0 Front Tires
  • (2) Impact Firm Inserts
3.39" (86mm)
1.33" (34mm)

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