ProTek 13x25x6mm Ceramic Bearing (RZ-V01b, S7/WS7/WS7II, N21B/T21BF)
ProTek 13x25x6mm Ceramic Bearing (RZ-V01b, S7/WS7/WS7II, N21B/T21BF)

ProTek 13x25x6mm Ceramic Bearing (RZ-V01b, S7/WS7/WS7II, N21B/T21BF)

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This is a Protek R/C Ceramic 13x25x6mm "Speed" Rear Engine Bearing, and is intended for use with the O.S. RZ-V01b, RB S7/WS7/WS7II, and Novarossi N21B/T21BF off-road competition engines as well as any other engine that requires a 13x25x6mm rear bearing. The bearing dimensions are 13mm inner, 25mm outer and 6mm thick. This bearing is open to allow oil to lubricate the bearings during use, and the ceramic balls ride on a polymide race. If your engine starts making loud bearing noises at idle, you probably want one of these bearings to keep the engine running well. 

Why Ceramic?
Our ProTek Ceramic Engine Bearings are a hybrid type, featuring Stainless Steel outer races with Si3N4 silicone nitride ceramic balls riding on a polymide inner race. Ceramic bearings have many advantages over standard steel bearings, such as decreased weight, higher RPM capabilities, increased corrosion and wear resistance,  as well as reduced friction and vibration.

So next time you purchase a engine bearing, when you ask yourself "Why should I buy Ceramic?" You should be asking yourself "Why shouldn't I?"

Advantages of Ceramic:

  • High Speed: Hybrid Bearings can reach a resistance level of 1,200,000dN with grease lubrication, due to reduced slip, wear extent and heat productivity.
  • Lightweight: The weight of ceramics is 60% lighter than steel, which decreases the centrifugal force and overall weight.
  • Long Service Life: The service life of Hybrid Bearings is 3 to 5 times longer than that of steel in comparable working conditions.
  • Self Lubricating: Even when poorly lubricated or with no lubrication, ceramic bearings will continue to function longer than steel under the same level of stress due to their self lubricating properties.
  • Corrosion Resistance: Hybrid bearings have excellent corrosion resistance, and will continue to function while corroded.
  • High Rigidity: The elastic ration of ceramics is 1.5 times greater than that of steel, this dramatically increases the rigidity of the balls.
  • Low Friction: Ceramic materials have a low friction force. Even under the conditions of boundary lubrication, the surfaces are extremely smooth, so its friction force is low and the rotational friction moment is low.
  • Wear Resistant: The micro-hardness of ceramics can reach a Vickers Hardness level of HV1700 kg/mm2

NOTE: This bearing should be installed so that the balls face the rear of the engine (towards the backplate), in order to allow proper lubrication.

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