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ProTek R/C 'Flak Jacket' Flame Resistant Lithium Polymer Charging Bag (16x6.5x7c

ProTek R/C "Flak Jacket" Flame Resistant Lithium Polymer Charging Bag (16x6.5x7c

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This is the ProTek R/C "Flak Jacket" Flame Resistant Lithium Polymer Charging Bag. LiPo sacks are required at most tracks, and are highly recommended for all LiPo applications due to the associated risks. When your table space is limited, the last thing you want is a bulky item taking up space. Plus, the size of most 2S - 4S LiPo packs doesn't justify using a large bag. Once again, ProTek R/C has you covered with a smaller, more convenient solution developed specifically for surface applications and smaller flight packs. Because less intrusive gear means more work space!

The ProTek R/C "Flak Jacket" is a conveniently sized bag that should be used when charging and storing your LiPo batteries. Its small 160x65x70mm footprint (16x6.5x7cm) will fit just about anywhere and is the perfect compliment to most 2S - 4S hardcase and softcase packs, as well as smaller flight packs. The space age materials and thick, industrial strength hook and loop fastener will help to reduce the severity of a LiPo battery fire, while the attached strap will allow you to move the battery to a safe place if a problem should occur.

Due to the volatile nature of Lithium chemistry batteries, charging bags such as the ProTek Lithium Polymer Flame Resistant Storage Bag are required by many tracks, flight clubs and at ROAR sanctioned events. Remember that there is still a chance of fire when using any LiPo bag, so please charge your batteries according to the manufacturers instructions, in a well ventilated, fire-safe location and do not leave the battery unattended during the charging process.


  1. Ensure that the charge rate is properly set and polarity is correct
  2. Attach charging leads to battery
  3. Place the bag on a non-flammable surface
  4. Place the battery into the Flak Jacket
  5. Route charge leads through the flap
  6. Close top flap and press hook and loop closure fully closed
  7. Charge battery using proper charging practices

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