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ProTek R/C 'Squid' Multi Connector Charge Lead (w/Traxxas Connector)

ProTek R/C "Squid" Multi Connector Charge Lead (w/Traxxas Connector)

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This is the "Squid" multi connector charge lead from ProTek R/C. This lead connects to your charge with standard 4mm banana plugs, and allows you to charge nearly any battery. This charge lead includes a genuine Traxxas High-Current Connector®, T-Style Ultra Plug connector, JST connector, Futaba connector, two different transmitter charge connectors, and even has a loop soldered in that you can cut to add two of your own specialized connectors. So if you are looking for one charge lead that does it all this is the charge lead for you.

This charge lead also includes caps for all the exposed charge leads that you can use to cover the unused connections while you are charging. Caps are included for the DC transmitter leads and T-Style plug.

You should also check out the line of ProTek R/C adapters to convert from Traxxas and T-Style plugs to other types of plugs, such as the old style Tamiya connector, EC3 connectors etc. Using those adapters with this charge lead, you can charge just about anything!

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