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ProTek RC 'SureStart 2' Rechargeable Glow Igniter (1.2V/5000mAh)

ProTek RC "SureStart 2" Rechargeable Glow Igniter (1.2V/5000mAh)

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The ProTek R/C "SureStart 2" Rechargeable Glow Ignitor features a 5000mAh 1.2V sub-C NiMH battery to allow extended use with the safety and peace of mind that can only come from a NiMH battery. The SureStart 2 is a high quality glow ignitor that can be charged easily with most NiMH battery chargers. This ignitor is great for surface and aircraft applications, due to its compact size and 2.25" reach. Plus, there is a small "Property Of" space on the label can be used to prove ownership when your friends borrow it and forget to give it back. Use a sharpie to fill in your name, and cover it with clear vinyl or scotch tape to prevent the writing from getting worn off.

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