ProtoForm 1/8 2021 Ford Mustang Painted Body (Blue): Vendetta & Infraction 3S
ProtoForm 1/8 2021 Ford Mustang Painted Body (Blue): Vendetta & Infraction 3S

ProtoForm 1/8 2021 Ford Mustang Painted Body (Blue): Vendetta & Infraction 3S

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Part Number: PRM1582-13
Brand: ProtoForm
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PROTOform is now offering the popular 2021 Ford® Mustang GT body for Vendetta™ & Infraction™ 3S/MEGA in a factory pre-painted option to you can hit your local street bash spot quicker than ever, in style!

We combined the signature wide-mouth grille, hood scoops, and powerful stance of the 1:1 6th-Gen S550 Mustang with some pro-touring tuner-style fender flares to transform the look of your car. Included is a sculpted rear wing to complete the super-scale look.
It's pre-painted in stunning Metallic Blue & Red factory Ford® Performance livery. To fit this officially licensed body to your Vendetta™ or Infraction™ 3S/MEGA, a set of ARRMA® Body Posts (Part# ARA320357) is required (sold separately).

Whether you are making speed runs on the back roads or drifting in the parking lot, the 2021 Ford® Mustang GT is a must-have for your ARRMA® 1/8 speed basher!

No vehicle chassis is included with this product.

PRM158213 | Pre-Painted / Pre-Cut 2021 Ford® Mustang™ (Blue) Body for ARRMA® Vendetta™, Infraction™ 3S & MEGA


  • Factory Pre-Painted
  • Tuner-style Recreation of the 2021 Ford® Mustang GT
  • Made from Durable .040" Polycarbonate
  • Transform the Look of Your Vendetta™ or Infraction™ 3S/MEGA
  • Iconic Mustang Grille, Hood Scoops, and Stance Built into the Body
  • Add-on Wing Included


  • ARRMA® Vendetta™ (ARA4319V3T1 / ARA4319V3T2) (requires ARA320357 Body Posts)
  • ARRMA® Infraction™ MEGA (ARA4215V3T1 / ARA4215V3T2) (requires ARA320357 Body Posts)
  • ARRMA® Infraction™ 3S (ARA4315V3T1 / ARA4315V3T2) (requires ARA320357 Body Posts)

Length: 23.5" (597 mm)

Width: 10.2" (259 mm)

Height: 5.75" (146 mm)

Wheelbase: 13.1" (333 mm)

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