Protoform Chevrolet Corvette C8 Clear Body for GT12
Protoform Chevrolet Corvette C8 Clear Body for GT12

Protoform Chevrolet Corvette C8 Clear Body for GT12

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From the moment rumors surfaced that Chevy® was reinventing the legendary Corvette™ into a mid-engine supercar, all of us at PROTOform were waiting with bated breath to see what our future GT racing body would look like. PROTOform is now proud to bring one of the most anticipated cars Chevrolet® has ever built to 1:12 scale with their release of the Corvette™ C8 body for 1:12 pan cars.

This officially licensed body is perfectly suited for GT12 class racing. All the exceptional details of its 1:1 counterpart including aggressive cab forward design, striking front splitter, and sculpted side doors and vents are captured using the latest in 3D CAD and 5-axis milling technology. The extensive decal sheet lets you deck out your C8 with Corvette™ branded windshield headers, number plates, "Jake" skulls and USA flags.

The C8 fits any 1:12 pan car or GT12 specific chassis and is formed from high-quality lightweight polycarbonate with paint-then-peel overspray film. It also includes an add-on rear wing with multiple trim heights for aero adjustability, wing mounting hardware and window masks.


  • Clear Corvette™ C8 body
  • Wing Hardware
  • Extensive Decal Sheet
  • Paint-then-Peel Over Spray Film, & Window Masks


Length: 345mm

Front: 170.5mm
Rear: 175mm

Wheelbase: 200mm
Height: 78mm

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