Protoform F26 Body (Clear)
Protoform F26 Body (Clear)

Protoform F26 Body (Clear)

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The F26 takes inspiration from one of the most radical and progressive designs that full-scale open-wheel racing has ever seen. A wide, channeled nose provides more front-end grip, balanced by side winglets that plant the rear of your car. Towards the back of the body, a rear deck area featuring a spur gear cover directs airflow efficiently to the rear wing.

The area surrounding the rear pod has ample clearance for batteries, side tubes and motor wires, making the F26 incredibly easy to mount. Included with this body is a lightweight nylon driver helmet for an added touch of scale realism. The decal sheet includes steering wheel and seatbelt graphics as well as helmet visors and PROTOform logos in a wide variety of colors. This body is pulled in lightweight, high-quality polycarbonate with overspray film, and is proudly Made in the USA.

Sold in crystal clear polycarbonate. Shown painted for advertising purposes only.

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