Protoform MazdaSpeed 6 Touring Body (190mm) (Reg Weight)
Protoform MazdaSpeed 6 Touring Body (190mm) (Reg Weight)

Protoform MazdaSpeed 6 Touring Body (190mm) (Reg Weight)

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This is the Protoform MazdaSpeed 6 190mm Body from Pro-Line Racing! Without a doubt, there's been one particular body style that has been used in winning more RC sedan races than any other racebody since its debut in Thailand exactly 3 years ago, where Barry Baker won the Reedy Race of Asia.

Since then Marc Rheinard won the 2004 IFMAR Worlds, Adrian Bertin won the IFMAR 200mm Gas Sedan Worlds, and this year Andy Moore bagged the 2006 IFMAR Worlds - all using the PROTOform Mazda 6. There's been no major rubber-tire sedan race in the world that the Mazda 6 has not been a part of the winning combination, whether it be a ROAR, EFRA, Orion, Reedy, IIC, Snowbird's, or DHI Cup event.

The Mazda 6 comes with wing, wing mounting hardware and a decal sheet. As usual, protective film and window masks ease the painting process. PROTOform's Mazda6 is designed for carpet as well as asphalt racing and just might the next standard by which all other bodies are compared.

  • Light durable .030 lexan with protective film
  • All-new Mazda6 design, contemporary styling
  • Perfect fit and proportions for 190mm or 200mm touring car chassis
  • Highly adjustable rear add-on wing with inner spill-plates
  • Includes decal sheet, window mask, add-on wing and mounting hardware

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