Protoform Swift-235 Pan Car 235mm Body (Clear) (Light Weight)
Protoform Swift-235 Pan Car 235mm Body (Clear) (Light Weight)

Protoform Swift-235 Pan Car 235mm Body (Clear) (Light Weight)

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Here at PROTOform we're excited about the rejuvenation of the Pro-10 class! It was a premiere on-road racing class back in its early 90's heyday and is now proving to be even more exciting with the improved technology of today’s 235mm pan cars.

To celebrate the Pro-10's return to prominence, we've created a contemporary new design - the PROTOform Swift-235. It's low and sleek with a few styling cues from modern 1:1 LMP cars. It's made to suit a variety of tracks and traction conditions whether it's indoor carpet or outdoors on pavement.

We’ve included 3 different sized add-on Gurney flaps, as well as side dam extenders, so fine tuning for a specific track is as easy as possible. Dial in the chassis and aero setup - then go for that TQ position!

The Swift-235 is offered in light weight .025” lexan and comes with protective film, window masks and a decal sheet.

  • First PROTOform Pro-10 body in 20 years
  • Suits variety of track surfaces
  • 3 Gurney flap sizes and side dam extenders for aero tuning


  • Swift-235 Clear Body
  • Side dam extenders (2 pcs)
  • Optional gurney flaps (3 pcs)
  • Gurney Flap mounting hardware (6 pcs)
  • Decal Sheet & Window Masks
  • Paint-then-peel over spray film

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