RC Screwz Team Associated RC8.2e Stainless Steel Screw Kit
RC Screwz Team Associated RC8.2e Stainless Steel Screw Kit

RC Screwz Team Associated RC8.2e Stainless Steel Screw Kit

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RC Screwz
Stainless Screw Kits are 100% complete. Your new kit will include everything needed to do a full conversion and more. Stainless Steel Screw Kits are far superior to the screws that come stock with your RC. Our kits are made with the best stainless steel money can buy. No more bent, rusted, or corroded screws. Never worry about stripped heads again. You will not find a better screw kit for your RC at any price.

All RC Screwz Kits include:

  • All socket screws + Extras
  • Button Screws + Extras
  • Flat Head Screws + Extras
  • Set Screws + Extras
  • Nuts + Extras
  • Washers + Extras
  • Bondhus Short Arm hex Wrenches All Sizes
  • Quality Reusable plastic pit case.

General Screw Installation & Notes:
Use either a wax or grease on the threads to help prevent stripping while going into new or hard material.   Some screws that are included in the our kits remain phillips heads but are still stainless steel. We have done this for strength, as a result of our field testing, on small diameter screws (2mm and 2-56" dia). This may include some chassis screws and differential screws. All other remain socket head. Please refer to your assembly manual for screw locations.

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